Kurbağaların büyümesi ve prenslere dönüşmesi gerektiği için …. Jonathan Pageau ile tartışmamın ikinci kısmı.

Tartışmayı başlatan video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR8tVB7sNxc&t=183s

Pageau ile ilk görüşmem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0b5mnuKQvs

Bir hata yaptım: Harry Potter'ın kundakçılığı aslında Resurrection Stone'u içeriyordu, bu da daha uygun. Özür dilerim. Bu kanalı desteklemek mi istiyorsunuz?

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  1. Eashoa is synonymous with this amphibious state, god in man, i think PEPE is his logo, and some people, being wicked, create perversions of pepe, as an expression of their own lifeless, godlessness, while those who are among the chosen venerate the frog, a symbol of life, the chaos of pepe, is the chaos of the different broken paradigms of man, which is why it will reflect the worst nightare of the viewer, it's not PEPE itself, which is a symbol of life, but the fallacies of man.

  2. The Right, those against authority, have learned how to use critical theory against Leftism. PEPE is a textbook manifestation of critical theory, sophistry, and fallacious postmodernist reverse-engineering. He was made to be unstoppable.

  3. The answer for chaos might be the end of our civilization, nuclear war and nuclear winter wiping out the north hemisphere then most of sounthern countries infrastructures colapse by millions of northern refugees, the good news are some will survive to pick up where we left. jk or am i!

  4. What modern people do not want to say or think about is that Christ is the the frog.  He is the one who goes down into hell and sets free the dead then rises up and becomes the prince (King of the Universe). One of the symbols of Christ's power is the golden orb. We see him holding the golden orb as a crowned child on his mother's knee (look up Infant of Prague). We also see the golden orb surmounted by a cross on the tops of many churches. Christ is the one who conquers the chaotic world. The difference between Christ and other mythical figures is that Christ is not only a mythical figure. His myth is true. In order for Christ to be real he must embody all other myths, which he does.

  5. this was the perfect video to watch while getting high

    i agree that the most important thing withing our being's capability is to maximize freedom to allow us to be at liberty to pursuer knowledge of truth , "getting the word" as you put it….


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